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The World is Your Mirror

Use the world as a reflection of your own behavior, thoughts, and feelings.  Making the world your mirror. 

When you look in the mirror you see an external representation of yourself.  Now, when you interact within your environment, the world reflects the internal representation of yourself.  Showing you either your conscious or unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behavior. It takes some time to notice your own reflection, but once you do everything becomes so much more clear with a lasting liberating feeling.

How do you use the world around you like a mirror? 

Focus: Where are you putting your focus? 

Well, let’s bring our awareness back to ourselves by moving our focus to our own actions, behaviors, and thoughts.  Many people I meet are nervous or intimidated to take a yoga class because they fear being judged or not able to “do it right”.  This is a reflection of their own personal focus. Their focus is on their own insecurities and judgments, which in turn the world will show a reflection of their insecurities within other students. 

A more simple example will be if you are planning to buy a car and you realize you love red Nissan Sedans, what car do you now see all the time on your normal drive? A million red Nissan Sedans. Why? Nothing has changed, a million people did not all of a sudden buy this car.  You have brought your awareness to focus on red Nissan Sedans. This is what the world and your environment are reflecting back to you. So why can’t we do this to make more money, find love, or get healthy? Well, how are you interacting within your existence? What does your Karma flow look like? Some professionals might ask, what “actions” are you taking?

Karma: What does your karma flow look like?

Many people have heard the saying, “what goes around comes around”.  This is for both good and bad energy exerted into the world. This is Karma – “as part of Hinduism and Buddhism, Karma is the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence.” Your actions dictate your existence. The easiest way I know how to practice good karma is to be the person I want to see in the world.  Say the words in the way I would like to hear them from someone else.  Provide a service I wish I always had. Live the best life that I feel is right for me, while remembering I don’t need to create an existence that was never meant for me to experience.

Going back to a student taking a yoga class.  Those who find success with yoga usually have an intention to find healing, bring relaxation, or just want to be healthier. They let go of fear, limiting thoughts and allow these positive intentions to change their negative situation into a better one. For you, it doesn’t have to be yoga, it can be anything.  

Another example…

Mindfulness while driving

What if you get into your car already feeling stressed, anxious, rushed, etc.? What if catching three red lights back to back and a reckless driver that cuts you off catches your attention and your reaction becomes negative and almost harmful to yourself and others.  Why are you really upset? What actions have you taken so far? Understand, that when you initially got into the car with negative feelings it turned you into a defensive, irrational driver. Your environment has now become a reflection of the energy you put out. Your focus is only on what you deem negative and you take your frustration out on other drivers.  This negative energy will most likely make the situation worse for you as you go throughout your day trying to feel better, but keep having one bad experience after another.

Having awareness of your karma flow is such an important step for those who are struggling to change their situation. Especially, if you want to find meaning, purpose, and passion in life. Changing your karmic flow to live a happier life begins with one action at a time.  Whether it is how you speak to yourself and others, giving back to charity, volunteering your time, or just practicing to hold no judgment for yourself and others. Changing one action at a time is all it takes to begin to feel the karmic shifts. 

Don’t get me wrong, you can be the best person in the world and still have a bad situation happen.  This has nothing to do with your own karma because as long as you know where to put your focus, you can breeze through it with ease.  Mother earth has its own karma and we are the humble recipients that must choose our course of action.

Next steps: Ask yourself some questions.

Outdoor meditation in Winter Park, FL

No matter if you write it down, sit in meditation, or just talk it out, ask yourself some questions without expectations or judgment.

Observe your emotions and notice if any self-destructive feelings or thoughts come to mind.  Then, ask yourself why do I feel this way?  

Put your ego aside and ask yourself, What am I doing or how am I behaving that continues to bring this situation into my existence time and time again? 

Finally, ask yourself what can I do to be better, become my true self, and attract the life I want to live? 

Finding an answer right away or not doesn’t really matter, just try and practice as much self-reflection as you can.  Do this without asking why is this person this way, why don’t these people listen to me, or any other deflecting questions. The answer to those questions serves no purpose in changing your situation.  

It all starts within, as you remember… 

… you are where you are meant to be at this very moment.

… be mindful of where you put your focus as well as your ego.

… what you give is what you will get, Karma. 

… the world is your mirror.

Live Amor Zen Life,

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