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Rafael’s Story: 360 SensoMedia

I shared a little of my story awhile back and now I am sharing another’s story… Rafael’s story and 360 SensoMedia.

I love to feature inspiring, dedicated and hardworking people I call my friends.  I remember one time a coworker told me “you know someone for everything” and I think I pretty much do.  That is because I like to listen to people’s stories. Hear about their background, successes, and failures.  I like to get to know the real person inside. With that said, meet one of my friends Rafael Laurentin.

Rafael and I met back in 2016 during our yoga teacher training and as the only man in the group, he balanced us all out.  I remember listening to his story and thinking how far he has come to make his dreams a reality. Now you can find Rafael not only practicing yoga but also playing guitar, doing photography, filling his curiosity to learn, bonding with his dog and being an entrepreneur.  

Rafael the Entrepreneur

Rafael is originally from Venezuela and has had his fair share of highs and lows with his entrepreneurial journey.   From being a personal trainer, real estate agent, and experiencing a professional loss with his first fitness media company. These are experiences that helped him to be the person he is today.  He explained to me how he incorporates his passions into his work?

“EVERYDAY, my passion has always been about developing people. Whether through fitness (in the past) or through sharing creative/workflow knowledge to my creators. My biggest driver right now is Creating Opportunities.”

… To think that creating opportunities for others is a way to make yourself successful can be a life-altering concept for many people. Imagine just changing one thought today and going to work for something more than just a paycheck.  You go to work to provide a service, to improve someone’s life, to help others. This frame of thought can really change someone’s outlook on life. That is exactly what Rafael did. He created opportunities not only for himself, by coming to this country for a better life, but now for all of his clients, partners, and employees by launching 360 Sensomedia.

360 SensoMedia

360 Sensomedia photography by Rafael Laurentin of the Orlando Eye

Rafael partnered with friends and began a marketing and advertising company that specializes in content creation and marketing strategies called 360 SensoMedia. He says, “essentially, we grab our client’s ideas and materialize them through intentional content, and well-engineered campaign. Their mission statement: 

“Content is our passion, Marketing is our mission.” 

Rafel explains, “this was inspired by the fact that a lot of companies focus either on creating or managing. We want to tie the loose ends and create with INTENTION.” 

 Wow, what a concept!  Pretty much if a piece of art doesn’t make you feel, see, smell, hear, or taste something, then why bother creating it at all.  Why bother moving forward on an idea or new project without moving through your own senses? Without feeling the real purpose or intention of that project? To me, this is so meaningful.  I can appreciate a company that not only values quality but also creates with intention.

So, where is the work-life balance?

Having balance in life is key. Not too much work, not too much play.  So how do we find this balance? How do we know if we are on the right track?  Well honestly, it is a different answer for everyone. For Rafel, he sets boundaries to his work schedule to carve out time to himself. Now, he says it doesn’t always happen, “But, what I do wakes me up every day, so extra hours [working] here and there are part of my DNA at the moment”.  

Keep doing what you love, man!  If it wakes you up and keeps you balanced, I mean why not do it.  And it might not be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay. Just find the tea that is right for you. 


Finally, I asked if Rafel had any advice he would like to give to people and he mentioned:

“Learn from every “NO” life tosses at you. This will give you the strength and power to continue. I have literally seen people stop their mission, and miss the opportunity that was just around the corner. So, ask yourself, instead of just following solely your passion, what does my love for X give to the world? This way you will truly understand where your path is headed.”

I don’t think I could have said it better myself.  Following your passion can be scary, hard, and discouraging, but it can also be the most rewarding experience you will ever have, within yourself.  This is where you find peace. I think most people who don’t follow their passions, are either clouded by society’s expectations, overcome with fear to do what they want, or simply just don’t know what their passions are.  Not everyone has to be an entrepreneur, a mom, a world traveler, famous, or rich. But, everyone does deserve their own pursuit of happiness!

Think about… 

This is something to really think about.  What drives you to get up in the morning? Are you using your passions in your daily life and in your work?  How often do we learn from our mistakes and go back to the drawing board and try again? How many of us even try to make mistakes? Mistakes, failures, misfortunes should be celebrated and congratulated because it is an opportunity for us to learn and grow!

Be intentional with your goals.
Create in this world with a purpose that sparks the senses and helps you feel something new.
Provide opportunities, not only for yourself but also for others.

Live Amor Zen Life,

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