Services are focused on personalized healing through Yoga and Ayurveda.

Based out of Central Florida, all services are designed to fit the needs of the individual. You can expect a brief consultation where I can evaluate your needs and design a custom practice that focuses on breath work, Yoga asana, meditation and self-care routines.

Virtual consultations and services are available. Keep up with my weekly studio classes at Empower Yoga and at Foxy Fitness Studio or follow me on Facebook at AmorZen Life for virtual class announcements. You can also contact me directly for private sessions and more information here on my Contacts Page

*Package pricing is also available with each service or a combination of each. Please contact me directly for additional pricing information.
*Waivers, intake forms, and pricing contracts for corporate clients are provided, prior to providing services.

Private Yoga

Explore all that yoga has to offer, mind, body, spirit and Ayurveda.  Open to all levels, the focus can be on yoga asana (physical body), meditation, or psychological guidance through mental and emotional energy.

 *$70 (per hour/ single class)
* $45 for virtual sessions

On-Site Group Classes are also available through private yoga session pricing. This package can be designed for a one-time event or an ongoing standing schedule.

Handmade Custom Made Jewelry and Macramé

Handmade customized jewelry and macramé tapestries are all made with infused intention and blessings. Jewelry designs include bracelets, crystal necklace, mala necklace, and macramé earrings.

* Custom item prices vary per order and design.

View our Shop, AmorZen SHOP, for handmade jewelry ready to order.

Due to COVID pandemic these service are currently not available.

Corporate Yoga

A dedication to your employees for improved health, focus, creativity and reducing stress.  This is a scheduled commitment for each month, from me and the employer to the employees.

One time session:
Two sessions:
Three or more:

Yoga Touch

Hands on Yoga Touch is a great addition to any form of exercise whether a beginner or advanced athlete. In addition, this practice can provide balance, healing, passive stretching, and release of tension in the body all while promoting healing and recovery.

 * (60-minute session)
(90-minute session)