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Where do I start?

A question you might not realize you have….

Recently, a few people have come to me wondering and asking, “where do I even start?” Honestly, self-help books and seminars are great, but only if you already know what you want to do and feel your life purpose coursing through your veins, but what if you don’t. What if you closed your heart to those around you, but you seek love. What if you are working somewhere that does not bring you joy, but because there is no harm you have no desire or energy to try something new. What if you are paralyzed of the idea of being vulnerable and judged, so you take no risk?

There seems to be a huge disconnect between people and their true calling, their life’s purpose and finding balance in their life. There is a void in souls that are left untouched, unrecognized.  Well, from my experience, this is where you start; you start by getting to know yourself.

How to know yourself better.

In my studies with psychology, I thought I had myself and my family figured out.  I can recognize the causes of most behaviors and help to soothe negative behaviors.  Except, I was missing something. Psychology, the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, is only one piece to the puzzle of human existence.  Each person is so individualized that not everyone can fit the same reasoning, diagnosis, or labels that society comes up with.  For this reason, psychologists created a multitude of assessments to provide explanations of people’s attitudes and behaviors. Examples of these test are, Myers Briggs, 16 PF, DiSC profile, the Big Five and so much more.  This is a great start to know more about yourself, but once again, this is only a piece of the puzzle.

Finding the missing puzzle piece (for me)

When I took my yoga teacher training, I was introduced to Ayurveda. Ayurveda is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems.  It is the connection between the body and mind using knowledge of one’s doshas and koshas composition. This was my missing puzzle piece.  It revolutionized the way I thought about myself and others. This helped me to connect the missing dots.  I was now able to understand more about myself to aid in healing, physically and emotionally. I was able to ignite a spark of curiosity and surpass limitations I thought I had.  It helped me to find my own personal balance. I definitely recommend learning about doshas and your specific body composition.


*You can find any of these assessments online, but consulting a professional is well advised.

Take both Ayurveda and the different psychological assessments multiple times. The results might be the same other results might be different and that’s okay, you are still doing it right. Research the meaning of all your results.  Research different opportunities, best job fit, and even relationship compatibility from your results. Then in six months check back in and take these tests again.

Get to know yourself better than you ever have before.  Be able to recognize the positive that surrounds you and what triggers the negative. Embrace the good and the bad qualities you possess.  Learn your triggers. Challenge yourself to be better. Most of all, start with loving yourself. Being friends with yourself will give you the support you need to know where to start. Then you will soon realize your environment will change.  Opportunities will suddenly be available to you.

Then, it will be time to put those self-help books and seminars to good use. With so many options, you will be looking for advice on which opportunity to choose, how to take action, where to prioritize, and when to take risks.
These are the normal worries people get when multiple opportunities are presented and it can feel overwhelming. In those moments just remember the number one rule, always be grateful! Showing gratitude will help bring clarity and peace.  It also helps with providing you with the momentum you need to get started. So get to know yourself, inside and out. Accept who you are for the good and the bad. Take action, be grateful and love yourself!

Live Amor Zen Life,


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