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Stephanie Love

Writer, activist, and travel enthusiast, Stephanie is the owner and creator of AmorZen Life. As a 500hr certified Yoga Instructor, Stephanie’s focus is on Ayurveda Basics, Trauma Informed Yoga, and Social Justice.  She began her yoga practice in 2009 to help ease her chronic hip and back pain. Later diagnosed with Lupus, Stephanie quickly found a deeper meaning and purpose within her yoga practice and healing journey. 

Stephanie found a passion to teach with an intuitive and friendly attitude sharing modifications for all levels and body types. She wants to empower her students and readers to feel comfortable and confident within themselves.  Utilizing her Psychology degree from the University of Central Florida, she brings a nurturing experience into her classes and a genuine, but honest approach to her writing.

If you are in the central Florida area, you can attend her on-site classes at Foxy Fitness Studio and Pole. Email for additional inquiries and content writing.

Resham Shirsat

Resham Shirsat holds almost 15 years of experience working in the field of sustainability with a focus on environmentally conscious and socially responsible living and working practices. This passion for holistic living grew to include ways individuals can improve their quality of life through natural medicine. In 2017 she began studying at a leading Ayurvedic college in the west to become a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. 

Resham holds a B.S. in Biology, B.A. in Anthropology, and an M.S. in Environmental Management. She is a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, certified Sivananda yoga instructor, and permaculture designer. She currently holds positions at the City of Orlando as a Sustainability Project Coordinator and founder of True Nature Ayurveda.

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