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Google Dictionary Oxford Languages: Essence (noun),
the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character.

I wish for one day, maybe in future generations, people used more of the word, 


Is Creation the essence of Art?

Imagine if children walked around and held their piece of paper and pencil and noticed they were holding the essence of a once huge tree. A tree that has lived through multiple lifetimes, and has been recreated, transformed, destroyed, misused, abused, in multiple and different ways. Continuing to spread it’s essence so many times, and still having a great purpose in this world to fulfill.
A purpose that served in this way. A child is able to create it’s dreams into a reality. And from now on this child holds the tree’s essence and purpose with them as they create. The child does this with the understanding and respect to not let the tree’s death be in vain and to now integrate their essence with the tree’s purpose.

I thank thee for allowing me to create. I thank thee for being apart of my journey and in moments until your last use of existence, I will integrate your purpose with my essence and that essence will get passed along until it is eventually forgotten.
– Gratitude –

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